Efforts to reduce the environmental burden are very important for us living on the earth. But at the same time, it is undeniable that it takes our time and is not a little burdensome.It is not a happy ecological thing to exhaust people involved in environmental activities.Indispensable for sustainable environmental activities are not only volunteer activities but also activities with "profit".Environmental activities that do not generate profits are difficult to sustain, and neither the earth nor people can be protected. In 2021, we at ECONET PROJECT invited fashion designer TYLER. (Mr. Takeaki Taira) with the aim of making life more eco-friendly and reaching people's sensibilities.Developed up-cycle products focusing on "REUSE", one of the environmentally friendly 3Rs. We are working on sustainable environmental projects by making full use of creative thinking.


Makiko Yukishita: Representative Director of Chubu Nippon Plastics Co., Ltd. While studying abroad at an art school in the United States to study art, the company founded by his father returned to Japan due to a business crisis and began to help with the business. After assuming the post of representative director at the age of 30 and increasing sales by 10 times, he is currently working toward the realization of recycling in outer space in addition to the recycling business on the earth in order to protect the global environment.


Chubu Nippon Plastics Co., Ltd. ECONET PROJECT Division

Location: 1844 Ose-cho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka 431 --3113 / Phone: 053 --433 --1933 (IP 050 --3360 --9648) / URL: / Founded: May 1971 / Established: November 1975 / Capital: 30 million yen / Representative Director: Makiko Yukishita / Annual sales: 15 billion yen (as of September 2021)