In 2006, I was wondering about the inevitability of my own design while feeling doubts about the era of surplus.Since I was a child, I was interested in used clothing and antique culture, so I arrived at "Liquid Knit", a way to utilize the used clothing and the leftover cloth that was sleeping in the fabric store. As I continued to make things like that, I got offers from Comme des Garcons and Isetan. The liquid knit, which is a combination of the old and the new sensation, may have seemed to be a mysterious work in which the past and the future coexist, neither a cutting-edge trend nor a novel and unusual mode. ..For better or for worse, "fashion is a mirror of the times."With the help of the information revolution and digitalization, the magical black box that reflects the trend was soon shed light. And trends began to be replaced by "numbers and symbolization".The longing and enthusiasm for the fashion industry, such as the game of competing numbers, which has a fast consumption cycle, has disappeared. However, in recent years, the consumption cycle has been reviewed, and it seems that the symbolization of trends has been completed. In such a flow, I could see my new position. In the future, I think it will be necessary to create highly transparent products and their mechanisms to circulate the excess products. Rather than imposing eco, the mechanism is such that the thing itself is fun, beautiful, and convenient, and then ecology follows. Now that he participates in ECONET PROJECT and engages as a creative director, he builds a universal and cyclical cycle not only in fashion but also in art and product design. I think that is my next job to face. TYLER.


◎ After graduating from Bunka Fashion College in 2006, he established upcycling apparel desertic. ◎ In 2007, taking advantage of the handling at Comme des Garcons, it expanded to select shops nationwide such as Isetan Shinjuku and Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi. ◎ 2007 Collected vintage knits from all over the world and developed a remake item named "Liquid Knit". ◎ In 2008, he became the creative director of Shigesato Itoi Office (currently Hobonichi). ◎ 2009 Developed "knitch air" which combines vintage knit patchwork and EAMES chair. Comme des Garcons New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo and other stores around the world. ◎ 2012 Released as the world's first single-legged stool "knitstool" for Eero Saarinen. ◎ 2012 Opened desertic atelier shop in front and back approach. / Art Taylor unit HARRY & TYLER formed. ◎ In 2014, collaborated items were developed at DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA (Rei Kawakubo's shop). ◎ 2014 Developed the first apparel collaboration item with interior fabric maker "Knoll Textile". ◎ 2015 Produced HEIGHTS, an organic beauty and fashion lifestyle proposal salon. Designing the interior and furniture of the store. ◎ 2016 Worked on uniform design for high-resolution video equipment manufacturer "ASTRO". ◎ 2017 Collaboration with beach sandals "JOJO" of Kyoto Gion "Naito" is developed at department stores nationwide. ◎ 2019 diskunion Official record bag design. ◎ 2020 Started upcycling apparel OFFICIAL GHOST with musician Shinichi Osawa. ◎ In 2021, he became the creative director of ECONET PROJECT.